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1943 Willy's Jeep

A fully restored 43 Willys jeep.  The frame, engine and drivetrain are original and restored.  Engine has been rebuilt.  Many new parts, brake system is completely new,  replaced bearings, seals, gaskets where needed.  Frame stripped and refinished off the tub.  Has brand new steel wheels and brand new military tread tires, balanced for street driving as well. 

Tub is a brand new reproduction.  Properly painted in booth to proper Olive green color, excellent paint, no runs or bad areas.  Professionally painted and restored.   All new rubber seals all over tub.  Has new taillights, new front maker lights, original headlights, new light assemblies, original frames.  New set of reflectors all around, all new hardware used in restoration process.  Interior has all new gauges, all new cables and switches.  NEW complete reproduction cloth wiring harness front to back.  Has new Canvas for the seats.  The seat frames, and rear seat, foot loops are all original as is the excellent steering wheel.  New horn button.  Pedals and gas tank are also originals, tank boiled out.  Windshield frame is new, with new glass.  US stars and serial number nicely painted on.  New top frame and straps.  Has original Jerry can on original mount, original spare tire mount as well. 

 Engine,  rebuilt.  Has rebuilt Starter and 6V generator as well.  New carburetor, new fuel line and rebuild fuel pump.   Full new tuneup on engine.  Has original radiator, cleaned out boiled and fresh.  Felt kit on radiator.     Looks better then new at present, no miles on it.            Please Contact for more information.

Reproduction BMW R66 German Motorcycle with sidecar

For sale is a postwar Chinese M1M super Motorcycle converted to a WWII German BMW R66 Motorcycle.   Please read thoroughly as this is a one-off reproduction WWII bike.

This motorcycle was completely rebuilt to look like the 1939 BMW R-66 with a touch of the BMW R75 items added to it as well.  Professionally shop built, it uses many original and newly reproduced BMW parts, and upgrades in the work.  You have to see it!  We restore WWII German, US and British vehicles daily on our shop!

BIKE  The main frame, engine and transmission are postwar, but, the gas tank was converted to the BMW style tank, sealed against rust, and has the proper sunk-in toolbox with lid on it.  Proper Wartime hand painted BMW emblems on each side of the tank.  Gas cap is an original with new seal.   Seat is a reproduction BMW R75 seat frame and cover with an original R75 spring underneath.   Rear seat is an Original German WWII Motorcycle seat, completely restored to its original condition.  Front fender is an original BMW R66 fender, and is modified to fit perfectly.  The headlight is a reproduction BMW light, with proper BMW wartime speedometer, and on-off switch.  Red Generator light and fuse are original as well on the headlight.  Comes with the early wartime Darkgray canvas headlight cover.  Handle bars have been modified to match the R66, which includes change in style, reproduction hand grips, and an original BMW dimmer switch, which works on the light, as well as controlling the choke for the motor.   Both clutch and handbrake levers are BMW R66 models.  The main bike frame was welded in key points to add strength to the Chinese frame, then it  was completely stripped and painted in the proper Panzer gray using Automotive Enamel paint.  Both front and rear wheels, have been professionally straighten, with the spokes professionally tuned for a clean round wheel ride.  All four tires are the proper German WWII Motorcycle tires.  Frame has reproduction BMW R75 knee splash shields modified to fit the frame.

Rear of frame has a reproduction Saddlebag mount, made to fit the Chinese frame.   The bike frame lower for the passenger, has Original BMW WWII Alum foot pegs and mounts professionally installed.   Has proper reproduction WWII style BMW taillight and hand painted lisence plate.   This frame was professionally made to look like the wartime R66, and no expense was spared to do it.  Its not an exact to detail R66, but very close!

SIDECAR      Sidecar and frame for car is also postwar, but highly modified to look like its BMW wartime brother.  Painted in Automotive Enamel, it has the saddlebag mounts on each side, and all three saddle bags are the best of the best reproductions in leather, and have 15 coats of hand applied linseed oil on them.  Separate Original style German padlocks lock each bag.  Sidecar has the proper ID tag on front, and has the release lever modified for the trunk door, has reproduction BMW chain and cover inside the trunk.  Next, again, the best made MG34 front mount, telescopic and well made.  Last, comes with the spare wheels, spokes tighten and trued, and has a reproduction snow chain for the R66 wheel.   Comes with a reproduction, darkgray canvas sidecar cover to match the headlight cover, and the reproduction wooden slat floor.  Both seat sections completely recovered in proper German vinyl. 

ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION  Engine is a new,  as of 2000, M1M super, over head valve engine, this ones the engine that matches the R66< NOT the flathead ones out now.   Many modifications made to both, on the engine, the distributor has a Bosch cap, and ID tag, BMW original emblem to the front timing cover, machined in to fit great and look original.  Heads are modified to match up with the reproduction complete BMW R75 exhaust system!  That’s right, the entire exhaust system is R75, all the way back to the reproduction R75 muffler.  The benefit is a QUITE running engine, that’s why the Germans used it on the Wartime R75, to keep it quite!  The valve covers are also custom modified to run BMW original valve covers!  Air intake system modified as well to look like the R66 system, and runs a custom made cable operated choke to the handlebars, lots of Labor time in this!.  Here’s the best part:  The shifter system, is all custom, and again, is the BMW gas tank shifter system on the side of the tank. There are two shift levers one for 1-4 speeds, and the other for reverse!  This system alone took several days to custom fabricate, and it works and looks like the original.

MISC  Bike has a completely new, wiring harness, specially made just for this bike, with cloth covered wire to look 40’s.  Has a BOSCH horn in the spot where it should be!  The battery, which is a Gel battery for LONG LIFE, is placed in the sidecar trunk, and is large!  System is 12 volt.  Brake shoes are custom, not the cheap ones it came with, and include a third brake on the sidecar wheel!  All fuel lines are proper German cloth braded.  Carburetors have been modified to remove the Chinese markings, and have enlarged the main jets for better throttle response.  Block spacers are made to go inbetween the carb and head so heat transfer does not occur between the head and the carb.    Where ever possible, ALL hardware has been replaced with German Metric hardware, nuts, bolts, washers, screws etc, all over the bike.  

This bike comes with an original WWII German Dummy MG34 machine gun, BUT, its gas operated!  Fully custom made into the bike, the 8MM belt has the hidden gas lines under it, so you don’t see them! The main lines to the tanks are custom made copper lines, hidden, that run to the back of the sidecar, Inside the trunk, are custom mounts, and custom tanks, plus valves for the gun, WELL made, and this gun is not only loud, but is custom made to select your rate of fire, from 600 RPM to 2000 RPM.   Again there’s many, many hours of custom work to hide this gas system.

LAST  I cannot count the hundreds and hundreds of hours of labor in this conversion, plus the price for all the original and reproduction BMW parts as well, and the time to machine and custom make everything and make it work!  Well over $22,000 in this project, and this bike has been used for reenacting since 2000! It has been to many, many events!  A plus, it has been in a few WWII vehicle magazines as its THAT good a reproduction of the R66.    You must see it to believe it and yes, it has fooled MANY over the years!   It runs Great and rides as well.  Its tight!  Since it has been used for events, there are many touch ups on the paint job, its not mint.  It has the “Been there” look to it.   There are many more modifications, but many are small, and too numerous to mention. 


This bike has sold but we can make one like this to suit your needs.

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